Avoiding Distracted Driving

We've heard of "Don't Drink and Drive", Don't Text and Drive", etc., but have you ever heard someone say "Don't Eat and Drive?"  While this doesn't seem like it should be a big issue it should be treated with caution. Many of us get super busy and need to eat on the go, but unfortunately, eating and driving can be just as distracting as possibly texting and driving.


Is Eating in the Car Really that Distracting?


Yes, it sure is.  Say you're driving and you have kids in the back seat. You go through the drive-thru and have all the food ready to hand out. Instead of stopping, you keep driving but look at the food to pass out and realistically, your attention was just taken away from the road even in just a split second like that of texting. Your senses aren't as strong and food distractions are all over the place. Even eating and driving with one hand is not advised. You need both hands on the wheel, especially when freeway driving.


Park for a Few Minutes Instead


Too many people eat and drive and it distracts their driving skills and senses. It's just not advised. If you need to, park and pass out the food and eat parked somewhere, then take off again. It may be better just to eat inside, but due to time constraints, it's understandable you want to keep everyone inside the vehicle so that no time is wasted.


Next time you are on the roadways and you need to grab a bite to eat, think about what you should do. Should you park or eat and drive? It's just not worth it and it's jeopardizing yourself and the others around you. Be safe out there and make the right choices!
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