With summer finally here, it's time for those vacations and road trips. Road trips can be exciting, but it can also be taxing, depending on the length of your trip.

While getting ready to pack up and head out the door on the great open roadways, here are some helpful yet important tips to remember when driving:

*Be sure to get a good night's sleep if you will be the one driving. Groggy driving is most definitely not recommended and not safe for yourself and your passengers. If you are taking a road trip alone, this is vital for your safety.

*Make sure you gas tank is full! This involves great budgeting and planning as you also want great gas mileage. When you hit a quarter tank, it's time to fill up again to avoid being stranded in traffic, etc.

*Be sure to pack lots of bottled water and healthy snacks. You will need to be well hydrated and nourished to keep your focus and use your senses effectively.

*Do not slouch when driving. Always drive with proper posture. Sit up straight so you can effectively hold the steering wheel and drive without any obstacles or hindrances.

*Play music at a safe and non-distracting volume. Play peppy music, but nothing hard core or even soft. You don't want to get sleepy and drowsy at the wheel.

*After a couple hours, consider making rest stops and switch drivers. This cuts down the tedious task of driving and helps keep the focus for the next driver. Again, if you are driving alone, be sure to stop for an hour or so to re-energize.

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