Drive Safely This Autumn In Chardon, OH

Here in Ohio, we usually associate hazardous driving conditions with winter. That first snowfall causes chaos on the roads. But did you know that autumn driving can be just as hazardous as winter driving? It's true! Those leaves can be just as slippery as ice when they are wet. And how about the fact that we've got to end Daylight Saving Time in the autumn? These and other factors can lead to danger on the roads. Here are some quick tips for keeping safe while you drive in Northeast Ohio this fall.

  • Watch out for deer! October through January is mating season for deer, and they tend to be running more during this time. Dawn and dusk are the most common times for deer to be crossing the roads. Deer can be found anywhere, though they are usually found around wooded areas. Always be extra cautious when driving through areas where there are a lot of trees or cornfields. This can include areas in town. If you see one deer, you can be sure there are more around. Slow down and watch carefully. Just because one or two have gotten safely across the road, doesn't mean more aren't coming. Being extra observant can save you from wildlife hazards in autumn!

  • Be on the lookout for leaf strewn streets. When leaves get wet, they create very dangerous driving conditions. Once the temperature starts dropping, as we know it does in Northeast Ohio, wet leaves can freeze quickly. This can cause drivers to lose traction and start sliding all over the road. When you see wet leaves, your best bet is to slow down! Not only could the leaves be slippery, but they could also be hiding potholes. Slower driving when there are leaves on the road is the best way to avoid the hazards that fallen leaves can create.

  • Be extra cautious during the early evening hours. Turning the clocks back an hour is great since we get an extra hour of sleep; however, it's not so great when it comes to driving conditions. When 5 o'clock in the afternoon rolls around, the sun is already setting. Rush hour traffic combined with the glare from the setting sun can cause very unsafe driving conditions. Keeping your windshield clean inside and outside can help cut the glare you'll get from the sun. Keep those sunglasses in the car year round.

  • Clear the frost off of your windshields! This one is hard for those of us who tend to leave for work or school at the last possible moment. We might clear off a patch large enough for us to see out of and leave the rest. This is a BAD idea! Your windshield is large for a reason. We need to be able to see the big picture while driving. Remember those deer? Having only a tiny patch to see out of while driving makes it pretty hard to see what's on the side of the road. As soon as you get up, look outside to see if you're going to need a few extra minutes to clear the windshield. Make sure your wipers and defrost are working properly in your vehicle as well. By taking a few extra minutes in the morning to clear your windshield, you'll keep yourself and other drivers much safer.

  • Finally, always wear your seat belts! With all of the extra autumn driving hazards, it is especially important to be vigilant about buckling up! It is the law! And be sure little ones are secured properly in either their safety seat or a seat belt if they're old enough to be out of a booster.