Tips For A Clean Car: Great Ideas for Drivers in Chardon, OH

Throughout different seasons your vehicle gets a lot tracked into it. From snow, to mud, to sand, it is not easy to keep your car's interior in top shape. But if you can follow these steps on a regular basis you will have a nice clean and organized car. 

  • Clean out the trash: Get all of the trash that has accumulated in the car. It tends to get under the seats and pushed into the corners.    
  • Decide what is staying in the car: Think of all those things that have made it to the car when you are going here and there, but might not have made it back to the house. Decide if it is staying in the car. If it is staying in the car, put it away. Does it have a set place? Where can it be stored that keeps it secure and out of the way? Keep a box or bag close by to put things in that are making its way back to the house.   
  • Vacuum the car:  Start at the top and work your way down. Get the top of the mats, under the mats, the seats, and in the crevices of the seats.    
  • Scrub the seats and floor mats: Think of all the salt and slush and grime that has made its way onto the seats and mats. I bet they are starting to loo a little rough. Scrubbing the seats with an upholstery cleaner can bring new life back into them. Use a power washer on the mats to get the salt and grime out.    
  • Dust the dash and consoles: Again working from the top down, get all the dust and dirt out of the car by cleaning the dashes.    
  • Don't forget the windows: You will be surprised how dirty the inside of the windows get, even when they seem like they are clean. Wiping them down with a glass cleaner will help you get them clean, and it will make it easier to see.   
  • Change the wipers and tires: Now is a good time to see if the wipers have been worn out from dealing with ice and sleet all winter. It is a good time to replace them if they are cracked or starting to wear out. If you use snow tires during the winter, this is a good time to switch back to your all weather tires.
  • Check the fluids: The fluids maybe a little low after the cold months. This is a good time to see what fluids need to be changed, what fluids are low and what fluids are fine. If you keep the hinges of the doors, trunk and hood greases it will help prevent added wear and tear and damage.
  • Get a car wash: Whether you are washing the car yourself, or doing it at a car wash, it is time to get the grime and salt off the body. Besides looking pretty, it will help keep the car from getting rust spots. After washing the car, starting from the top down, consider getting an under carriage wash. It will get the salt off the body of the car, and prevent more damage from the salt.   

Now that the car is ready, where are you planning for your next road trip?  

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